Website Traffic

How to access statistics about your website’s traffic.

You can check usage of your web site via the control panel for your domain. The URL for your control panel is http://YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME/admin/ (Please note the last slash in the URL is needed).

One you get to the control panel follow the link: “Reports about usage of your website” to a page which provides a number of “Analog” usage reports.

- Each morning statistics for the previous day are calculated. These are purged periodically.

- Monthly and annual statistics are calculated as available.

- “Total to date” figures are updated periodically.

- A separate listing is given for both http and ftp traffic.

- These figures provide only an indicator of use as automated requests such as search engine queries are difficult to reliably exclude

- Categories relating to: Referring Site Report; Search Query Report; and Search Word Report often provide very useful information.

If you want to know more about “Analog” try We have the program set up to take customizations on a per/domain basis, so if you'd like some details you're not getting let us know and we'll see what can be done.