Domain names

You need to choose and register a domain name, such as, before you use it on the web.

Registering a domain name involves paying registration fees and providing registration information to a “domain name registrar”.

Many clients find it easier to have some help with the initial registration and ongoing management of the domain name.

Domain name registration

We prefer to register domain names on behalf of our clients as this simplifies management of the domain name, means fewer bills, saves time and helps to reduce costs for you.

The annual cost for most common domain names types (eg. .com,, .org and is $30. We bill you for the cost of managing the domain name along with the cost of hosting your website each year.

Top level domains (TLD’s)

We are able to register domain names for you within almost all country (ccTLD) and generic (gTLD) top level domains such as .uk, .melbourne and .florist.

The annual cost of registration varies depending on the type of domain and the length of the registration period. The costs can range from $15-$150 per year.

Shadow sites

You can have a number of domain names and direct all requests for these names to the same website. We call these “shadow sites”.

Information needed

You need to provide a basic set of contact information to register a domain name. In some cases, such as domains, you also need to give enough information to establish a good claim to the use of that name. We can help you through this process.

Contact us for help you with domain name selection, registration and management.

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  • Advice on all aspects of web site hosting and programming is available.