Web programming

We are experienced and skilled programmers who custom build software and web sites that go beyond off–the–shelf solutions.

Regardless of what state your software or website project is at, we can help you with its planning, building or enhancement.


Our highly experienced staff can work with a wide range of technologies to build original software to meet your exact needs. Skilled in working with a wide variety of computer languages including PHP, Python, JavaScript, C, C++ and shell, we can meet most programming challenges without the constraints that hamper standard “packaged” solutions. We can also support and web-enable legacy applications written in languages such as Cobol and Fortran.

Our work includes:
:: Specialized content management systems (CMS)
:: Complex multi-part forms
:: Membership systems
:: In house resource allocation utilities
:: Custom shopping carts
:: Distributed databases

Web sites

Our staff have over 20 years’ experience building websites. We can build you a website to your exact specifications. Tell us what you need and we will build it for you.

Web construction

When working on a new or existing website we code to ensure:
:: Speed optimisation
:: Security
:: Code validity and standards compliance
:: Search engine optimisation
:: User maintainability
:: Cross device useability (responsiveness)
:: Web accessibility

Web site design

We can design a website for you, or work with your own designs or designer to build exactly what you want.

We are experienced and skilled programmers who can custom build for you a web site and applications that goes beyond off–the–shelf solutions.

Contact us to find out more.