Email Servers

Your own ‘virtual’ email server allows you to send and receive messages using email addresses based on your domain name.

Using email addresses such as:

gives you better opportunities to build your brand name and greater flexibilty in your choice of email addresses.

Your “virtual” email server is configured to your needs with a set of usernames and email addresses. It can deliver email to mailboxes at Carringbush.Net or accounts with other Internet providers. Generally email servers are set up with 5 usernames and addresses.

Having your own “virtual” email server also gives you the chance to use mailing lists and utilize custom-built software based on your domain name.


This service is provided as part of our hosting packages. Please note we do provide a streamlined “Email only” hosting package.

Extra usernames and email addresses can be obtained in blocks of 5 at $30+GST /block.

Why choose us?


  • Expert technical care.
  • Fast and friendly service.
  • Fast, secure and reliable commercial grade HP and Cisco equipment.
  • Flexible server configurationss.
  • A unique and permanent IP address for your site.
  • Optimal support in Australian time zone.
  • Services provided under Australian law.
  • Advice on all aspects of web site hosting and programming is available.