Premium web hosting packages

When you need something special in terms of web hosting requirements we are able to help by offering a number of tailored premium packages.

Premium services are available on our own services or we can manage services for you on third party servers in other countries or on special high traffic servers. These can be configured with a number of different options for additional features and resource allocations.

Hosting packages are offered using the Apache webserver on a Linux operating system.

Please note our hosting prices do not include domain name registration. All our prices are quoted in Australian dollars and exclude any GST. Use of our services are subject to Australian law and our terms and conditions.

Why choose us?

  • Expert technical care.
  • Fast and friendly service.
  • Fast, secure and reliable commercial grade HP and Cisco equipment.
  • Flexible server configurationss.
  • A unique and permanent IP address for your site.
  • Optimal support in Australian time zone.
  • Services provided under Australian law.
  • Advice on all aspects of web site hosting and development is available.

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$600 / year
+ $120 setup

A dedicated webserver instance tailored to your requirements.

30 GB
disk space
150 GB

Additional Apache modules, such as mod_perl


$1,500 / year
+ $150 setup

A virtual OS server instance with services as requested.

100 GB
disk space
500 GB

Additional Apache modules, such as mod_perl


$90 to $2000 / month
$300-3,000 setup

A standalone physical server tailored to your needs.

Services as requested

We manage all standalone servers on behalf of our customers.

disk space

Additional Apache modules, such as mod_perl

Web hosting options

You can add resources, software and services to most of our web hosting packages. Some options are outlined below. You can contact us for more information. Phone on 03 9411 4400 and ask if there's something else you would like. After inital set up we may charge a configuration change fee of $20 depending on the complexity and frequency of your changes.

Add extra resources 

Prices for resources used in excess of a package allocation are outlined in the accompanying table. A discount is available for pre-paid allocations.

Resource Pre-paid discount prices Post-paid
traffic $30 / 10 GB / year $90 / 10 GB / year
disk space $30 / 10 GB / year $90 / 10 GB / year

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Security

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is available to provide for secure on-line transactions. The costs for this are $30 per year without a certificate or $60 per year with a basic certificate. Additional charges apply for more sophisticated certificates.


You can use either a PostgreSQL or MySQL Databases. These cost $30 to setup up to 2 databases with use of the phpPgAdmin and phpMyAdmin database management utilities available as appropriate

Hosted software

Your site can benefit from a wide range variety of software located on our servers including flexible membership systems, shopping carts, content management systems and web forms.

Any PHP based blog and/or CMS software which uses MySQL or PostrgeSQL can be used. Enquiries about other web development tools are welcomed.

Mailing lists

Mailman mailing lists allow a single email message to be sent to many email addresses seamlessly and systematically.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

We offer support for Wordpress and Mediawiki in addition to our own custom tools to help you maintain your website.

Extra domains, sub-domains & sites

Additional sites

If you set up a more than one site with us on the same account the price is $60/year pro-rata for each separate site or email configuration. Any additional sites share the same resource allocations.

Shadow sites

If you have a number of domain names, but you want all requests for these names to lead to the same website you can use a “shadow site”. These cost $30/year to host.


Any number of subdomains can be made based on your domain name. For example if your main website was called you could also create associated websites with names such as or These are known as subdomains. Costs are as for “shadow sites” or “additional sites” as outlined above.

Domain name management

We can manage your domain name registration and invoice you along with you web hosting invoice. This means fewer bills for you and removes the worry about managing the domain yourself.

Something else?

We focus on providing you a with a 'tailored' service. If you need some other feature and can't see it here, please contact us. Phone on 03 9411 4400.