Using Email

You can get a Carringbush.Net email address if you have a hosting, Internet access or application package with us. Standalone email packages are also available.

Carringbush.Net customers are provided with both a username and a password. You will need both of these to login into the mail server to send and receive mail.

Email addresses

Carringbush.Net provides email services that let you send and receive email using an address like

For example, the username ajb could use the email address: email addresses work as both:

We can also provide email addresses within other Internet domains. Please ask us for further information about addresses within these domains.

Email aliases

You can also have aliases to your username to allow you to send and receive email using alternative names.

For example, the username ajb could be set up with the aliases, and

Using an email alias gives you flexibility to vary which email address you use for different work or home purposes. It also allows you to drop a particular address if, for example, it starts to receive a lot of junk email.

You can also send emails using any of your aliases using the multiple “profile/personalities” facility available in most email software.

Email forwarding

You can arrange to have email sent to your Carringbush.Net mailbox forwarded to another ISP or vice versa.

Email software

You can send and receive email messages using most standard email software such as “Thunderbird”, “Microsft Outlook”, “Outlook Express” and Webmail.

The server name for the IMAP, POP3 and SMTP protocols can be either:


Internet access and “stand-alone” email account customers may have up to two email aliases in addition to their allocated username.


This service is free to access and hosting customers and $30+GST/year to stand-alone email customers.

Why choose us?


  • Expert technical care.
  • Fast and friendly service.
  • Fast, secure and reliable commercial grade HP and Cisco equipment.
  • Flexible server configurationss.
  • A unique and permanent IP address for your site.
  • Optimal support in Australian time zone.
  • Services provided under Australian law.
  • Advice on all aspects of web site hosting and programming is available.