Broadband Internet access

ADSL2+ packages

Carringbush.Net provides ADSL2+ Internet access packages suited to small businesses and households.

Our access packages allow you to downloaded a specified amount of data at a fixed monthly price. No excess data fees apply, but if you exceed your monthly allocation your line will be slowed to a minimum speed (64kbit/sec download).

Three packages are currently available.

Data traffic
(monthly download)
Price ex GST Price inc. GST
Access10 10 GB (gigabytes) $36.00 $39.60
Access25 25 GB (gigabytes) $39.00 $42.90
Access50 50 GB (gigabytes) $44.00 $48.40




Enjoy personal, rapid service without phone queues.

Static IP address


Benefit from the dependability of a static IP address which we won’t change without notice. This means you can set up VPN (Virtual Private Networks) and other specialised software which need fixed IP addresses.

Email addresses and aliases

: Up to two Carringbush.Net email mailboxes are provided. Both POP and IMAP protocols are supported


: Use our webmail service to access your email account from a web browser wherever you are.

File storage and retrieval

: Use our FTP service to store and retrieve your files remotely from our servers.

Terms and Conditions

These packages require a telephone line and a modem/router which are not included in the package price.


: Maximum speed is limited by services available at local exchanges and line quality to that exchange.


: Data uploaded to data downloaded is not to exceed a ratio of 3:1 respectively. Unused included data from one billing cycle is not carried forward to the next. Internet data is transmitted via a transparent cache.


: Payment is generally by monthly direct debit from your account, but alternative arrangements can be made if you need.


: An annual statement and tax invoice will be provided if requested.

Please see our general terms and conditions for further information.


  • Static IP address
  • Suited to VPNs
  • Personal service
  • File Storage & retrieval
  • Email address
  • Webmail service