Mailman mailing list help

Mailing list software

Help information to use Mailman Mailing lists.

Get list of my domain's public mailing lists


Configuration options and manage membership

Mailman Admin

Set list configuration options, manage list membership and messages here. You will need the list administrator's password to change these settings.

Change our own email subscription settings

Mailman ListInfo

Subscribe, unsubsribe, get password reminder or change details for your own email address.

Get a list of all email addresses on your mailing list

Create or delete a mailing list

Contact us to get help creating a new or deleting an unwanted mailing list.

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Mailing list software


  • Greater reliability than using multiple adressees in a regular email.
  • Easily configured by you with a number of useful options.
  • Addition and removal of members from the list either managed by yourself, or at your option, by list members.
  • Useful as a “discussion” list, with members able to send messages to others on the list.
  • Useful as a “broadcast” list, with a restricted set of senders, and where other members can't send to the list.